Swim and Survive Facilitator

Swim and Survive Facilitator

As well as meeting the criteria above, a Swim and Survive Facilitator must be familiar with all program elements, as well as the guidelines to deliver quality sessions in a safe environment.

To ensure that a potential facilitator has the required knowledge to deliver and assess the program, they must complete one of the following three pathways:

  • Pathway A – Workbook 
    • In order to complete the workbook, access to the Royal Life Saving Swimming and Lifesaving Manual is essential. If you do not have access to a Swimming and Lifesaving Manual, they can be selected as an additional item at the time of registration payment. Alternatively, they are available for purchase at the Royal Life Saving Shop.
  • Pathway B – Practical Examination
    • The examination should include practical instructions and assessment for all criteria under one of the Swim and Survive Awards. The examination must be supervised by a current RLSNSW Bronze Facilitator or higher. As part of the examination, report forms must be correctly filled out and submitted, to demonstrate knowledge of the process when registering awards with Royal Life Saving NSW.
  • Pathway C – Complete an Interview
    • The interview is to be conducted by a Bronze Facilitator; it should address the role of Royal Life Saving and the content, structure and progression of the Swim and Survive strands. During the interview, the administrative process of registering awards with Royal Life Saving NSW should be discussed.

Evidence of completion of one of the above pathways is to be provided, and appropriate payment is to be made in order to complete the application process.