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For almost 125 years, Royal Life Saving NSW has saved lives in the community through education programs, vocational training, health promotion initiatives, aquatic risk management services, community development and participation in sport.

If you'd like to become a part of the family, then we have a range of programs and resources on this site for you.

National Drowning Reports

Royal Life Saving's programs, products and services are underpinned by research and a commitment to continual improvement. Furthermore, our research provides solid information on water safety issues concerning all Australia's waterways and environments with high drowning risk.

Our research includes:

National Drowning Report
Since 1995 Royal Life Saving has provided research into the contributing factors surrounding all drowning deaths in Australia for a given year

Specific Water Safety Issues
Including water safety strategies, education, the effects of alcohol, and specific activities such as fishing and other recreational pursuits

The State of the Industry
Every year, Royal Life Saving conducts Aquatic Facility Safety Assessments to evaluate and to provide a benchmark for the safety performance of the aquatic industry

Every year, Royal Life Saving produces a National Drowning Report. This report examines the factors that contribute to drowning deaths in Australia by examining who, where, when and how people have drowned in Australian waterways over the last year. Royal Life Saving has produced a National Drowning Report every year since 1995. You can find all the National Drowning Reports here

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