Facilitator Report Forms


Facilitator Report Forms

Here you will be able to access the report forms that are required to record participant involvement back to Royal Life Saving NSW.


Award Order Form

Please note the Award Order Form should accompany the relevant Report Form for certificate purchases.



Resuscitation Exam (pdf)

Resuscitation Report Form (pdf)

Resuscitation Online Report Form (pdf)

Resuscitation Chart (pdf)

CAB Report Form (pdf)


Swim and Survive

Wonder Report Forms (pdf)

Courage Report Forms (pdf)

Active Report Forms (pdf)


Rescue Awards

Rescue Report Form (pdf)


Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion Exam (pdf)

Bronze Rescue Report Form (pdf)


Advanced Life Saving Awards

Advanced Lifesaving Report Form (pdf)


Aquatic Survival Challenge

Aquatic Survival Guide (pdf)

Survival Challenge Report Form (pdf)

Swimming & Lifesaving Challenge Report form (pdf)


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